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Questions to be asked before buying bath mats



non slip bath mats

A beautiful bath mat will liven up a bathroom, keep your feet warm, and most importantly, keep you from slipping on damp flooring. You should choose rugs and mats of your style, comfort, and utility. Each mat should last for several washes and should make your bathroom feel a little richer.

non slip bath mats

Most people are dissatisfied with their bath mats. To avoid this occurring you must choose the non slip bath mats that have more uses in them. Also, you are recommended to ask yourself the following questions while shopping, this will give the correct fit mats

  • How are you going to store the bath mat? You are recommended to choose a mat with a thicker nonstick backing. If you wish to hang the mat after the bath then it is definitely a better choice.
  • Do you require a nonslip surface? If you have children or are likely to slip in the bathroom, search for a mat with a large piece of rubber attached to the back. It will have the best grip. Some mats have a thinner, brushed-on covering that will likely wear off faster in the wash.
  • How big is your bathroom? Before purchasing a mat, make sure to measure your bathroom. Mats are offered in sizes ranging from 17 by 24 inches to 25 by 39 inches. You might be amazed at how little a 17-by-24-inch mat is. Some individuals prefer to use two bath mats, one in front of the sink and one near the shower, so measure those locations independently to ensure the best fit. If your bathroom door needs to clear your mat, ensure your mat’s height is correct as well.

These questions will give you an answer which means you can buy the mat of your choice which fits correctly in your bathroom. Also, there are many types of materials in which non slip bath mats are made. However, in which woven rugs are undoubtedly the most generally appealing because they are soft underfoot, absorb well, and are simple to maintain. We put cotton and synthetic mats to the test. Cotton absorbs better but takes longer to dry, whereas polyester or nylon synthetics absorb less but dry considerably faster. These mats have more uses as it protects from the bacterial infection. Also, they will protect elders and children from the slippery surface. So one can buy them to get many uses.

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