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Take The Help Of Melanin Injections And Say Bye To Tanning



Help Of Melanin Injections

If you want to use something that will help you in protecting yourself from UV rays then you should know about melanin. This is the best product that will help you in going to a place like beach. No one likes sun tanning and this is the reason why they can help of verities of sun protection products because UV rays can damage your skin for a long period. If you want to stimulate the production of melanin in your body then try to take the help of melanin injections.

How does it work in your body?

This cut down the number of UV rays, if you are taking an injection of melanin then this will minimize the danger of harmful rays that can cause the problem to your skin. So that you will be able to go anywhere without worrying about tanning. If you are smart enough to use it yourself then you can take it otherwise it is recommended to take the help of guidelines or experts so that you may not face the problem. For that, you have to use melanin injections which you will get in the starter kit.

How to use melanin injection?

Is you are using melanin injection then you will get two option-

  • Subcutaneous
  • Intramuscular

The site of injection depends on you so you can get it as per your comfort and preference. After injection, it will mix in the bloodstream and absorbed by your body.

What is the recommended dose of melanin?

melanin injection

  1. If you are the one who has a very fair skin tone then you have to take 20 to 50 MG of melanin.
  2. If your skin is fair but gets some tan after exposer to the sun then you have to take 20 to 30 mg of melanin
  3. For medium to dark skin tone, it is recommended to take 10 to 20 mg melanin

By following the above things, you will not face any problem so that it will become easy for you to get the desired result instantly. Once you use this product then it became easy for you to know all the things related to it.

Hence if you are planning to travel to a hot place then you should inject melanin so that it will be easy for you to protect your body from sun exposure. Doing this will help you in feeling confident and beautiful.

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