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Loris Gréaud: Challenging Norms and Pushing Boundaries for Art



Pushing Boundaries for Art

Art is one of the highest forms of human expression. It’s divided into different categories. And for each aspect, certain set of skills is often utilized. This is the reason why a certain artist sticks to one field first. And he/she takes on the challenge of learning a different type of art, it’ll take quite some time. It’s the most basic setting for artistic individuals. Others are also able to create different things from various materials. But there’s one area they are more comfortable doing.

multidisciplinary concepts

Who is Loris Gréaud?

Born 1979, Loris Gréaud is a French artist and is quite known for his multidisciplinary concepts and artworks. This means that he delves into various types of arts and combines certain principles to help achieve the best results according to the specific project he has in mind. His reputation has always set him apart from contemporary artists as he is constantly seeking new ways to heighten sensory delight with his projects and works.

A specific showcase or exhibit doesn’t just end with one type of artwork.


Most of the artists are comfortable working alone. Exhibits are also according to each of their skills. But Gréaud has several well-known collaborations, especially with artists from the different parts of the spectrum. This is all done to create the best results sensory exhibits that won’t just delight the eyes.

Because of his works, he works with scientists, architects, musicians, and many others in order for him to create what he wants.

He also called himself an aesthetic adventurer.

Rather than placing more weight on emotions and feel, his works often have the ability to provide complete satisfaction and appeal. When graded according to the standard of beauty and aesthetics, it’ll surely come out on top. And this is how he wants things.

The Unplayed Notes Museum Exhibit

It’s no surprise that at the age of 35, he’s already gained so much attention. His unpredictability in terms of artwork and projects are always considered a welcome addition to any of his projects. There’s always an unfamiliar element that adds a specific twist which sets the whole outcome apart from what most are expecting.

The latest exhibit became the hottest talk in the best parts of Dallas and in the entire art industry for a variety of reasons.

At the debut night of his exhibit, the artworks were suddenly attacked by vandals, leaving behind serious damage not just on pieces but in the entire space as a whole.

It was later found out that it was done on purpose. The artist has chosen to go this path to make a statement regarding the traditional methods of how arts must be displayed and enjoyed. And it’s a pretty bold message to promote.

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High-Quality Movies For Free – Watch On High-Definition




High-Quality Movies For Free

Movies are one of the most wonderful entertainments. People use to watch the film to relax and enjoy the entire plot of the story. Traditionally, people used to enjoy watching theater played actually. This is how people enjoy a story from the past. But, when technologies had come, it changed a lot of things including entertainments. Before, people enjoy watching stories or what they called it as movies were played on stage. Today, stories or films are made and recorded. After done, it will be played on cinemas where people pay for tickets. This is how stories, films, and movies work in today’s generation. So, if you are a movie lover, this is your time to take all your day off and watch. The website has no charge, no hassle and very convenient to browse. You can simply search for the movie that you wanted to watch, and it will be provided to you.

new generation of movies

The new generation of movies

For today’s generation, movies are no longer new to the ears. In fact, many people are enjoying the said kind of entertainment. The whole plot of the movie is played by popular actors and actresses. Then, the film will be aired and showing with the scheduled date. Instances like people who are too busy with their work, so they can’t watch the movie that they have been waiting for. Good thing that fmovies has a list of latest movies available to watch. So, it is no longer a problem if you have not watched the movie on the said showing date. With this free movies website, you can watch it even at home. With an internet connection and a laptop or desktop with you, the latest movie can be streamed or watched. By simply opening the website, a full list of movies is available and free.

Watch for free

The fact that “now showing” movies need to pay for tickets before watching, it might be costly. So, if you are on a tight budget, you must watch the movie through the website. When it comes to quality, it offers high-definition. There is an option on the definition of the screen for you to pick. Also, the latest movies are not only available one to watch. You can still watch old movies that you have not watched yet. All are free, and all are on high-quality and high-definition. See the full list of movies, choose which one you wanted to play for free.

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How to change the quality of videos




quality of videos

To give you the best experience, YouTube changes the quality of video transmissions according to your viewing conditions. Due to the above, you may have noticed that the quality of the videos changes during playback.

The following factors determine the quality of the videos:

   The speed of the Internet connection

  • The video player and the size of the screen: Videos with better quality tend to reproduce better on larger screens
  • The quality of the original video uploaded: The video will not be available in high definition if it was recorded in standard definition
  • How to change the quality of a video
  • You can manually change the quality of any video you’re watching on a computer, a TV or a mobile device.

watching on a computer

Mobile device

  • Follow these steps to change the video quality while watching content on your mobile device:
  • In the video player, select More.
  • Press Quality
  • Select the video quality you want.
  • Note: If you choose a lower video quality (such as 240 or 360 p), the videos will play f The video player will remember this setting for the videos you watch in the future.


Follow these steps to change the video quality while watching content on your computer:

 In the video player, select Settings.

    Click on Quality

    Select the video quality you want.

Initially, I think there are two types, art critics and moviegoers. The former are experts in cinematography, literature and all kinds of visual arts, often are versed in semiotics and their interest is to dissect the successes or failures of the work within film art. Meanwhile, the moviegoers are also great connoisseurs and avid viewers of countless tapes, but critics notes are more geared to recommend to the public how to proceed with a film, on the understanding that the public seeks to make better use of your precious free time.

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3 Steps To Effectively Use Spotify For Music Promotion




Use Spotify For Music Promotion

When it comes to music streaming platform, Spotify is on the leader board. The app offers a different subscription plan for sole listeners and for emerging artists. Worldwide, active users are paying subscribers that long for better music playlists. Spotify is growing and so its features and tools to help you succeed as an independent artist. To increase your followers on this platform, you should put an effort of promoting your music. But, before jumping into the promotional strategies, think first about your fans funnels. This way, you would know which Spotify plan fits into your music marketing.

The Music Promotional Plan

Building up your followers on any social media needs plenty of time and effort. This is why using the Spotify streaming app could help for some artists. The platform if used effectively helps to boost your followers in no time. So if you are planning to become one of the most listened artists on Spotify, follow these simple steps. This technique would definitely bring you somewhere when practicing the right marketing strategies.

Step 1: Create A Scannable Playlist Description

Before you can create your own playlist, you need to get the app The best way to getting more streams is to make a scannable playlist description. You need to label your track with its genre and terms that most listeners would search for. The app actually offers the subscription plan that helps you promote your music. They would put your music on the daily mix based on its genre and description. So, don’t skip this step to let the algorithm on the app monitors how your track is performing. The network would then find ways to share your music with other listeners and playlists.

Step 2: Keep Updating Your Music

If you already have your playlist on your profile, be sure to keep putting new music on it. This will help you to urge users to follow you naturally and to track with your releases each day. The new songs give more reason for your fans to follow your playlist. Outdated music mix might not be convincing or worthy for the avid listeners time. Thus, make sure to do a frequent update for your playlists for a more refreshing look. This strategy keeps the music updated and to remain on top of others in the same genre. But, take note to make an update that goes along with the title of the playlist you have created.

Step 3: Avail in Playlisting Plan on Spotify

Doing all the promotional steps your own can be time-consuming. But, they are effective if you follow the necessary updates and techniques. Meanwhile, if you want to boost your Spotify play, avail the playlisting plan. The platforms have the network of curators to help you promote your playlists with no hassle. For most times, the curators would advertise your music by adding it to other playlists. This gives listeners a random Spotify track based on a theme or genre they choose. In short, the promotional plan works likely by adding your music on random fans track each day.

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