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A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding IP Addresses



Understanding IP Addresses

If you are just beginning to understand computer network, you should not miss Internet Protocol (IP) address. For a beginner, IP address is complicated and confusing. After all, Information Technology is a complex thing. It is best to leave the computer stuff to experts but it will be good if you know things about it for awareness sake.

Basically, IP address is appointed to every computer on an Ethernet network. It is important because it helps in identifying network computers. As a result, it makes traffic flow between computers easy because each one has its own IP address. The IP address is identifiable because of its format – a sequence of four values separated by periods. The range of the value is from 0 to 255.

Host Configuration Protocol

Here are other things that you need to know about IP addresses:

Who assigns the IP address?

In this case, it is not a who but a what. For your office or home network, the IP address is most likely assigned by a router. The router uses Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP). The router is crucial in keeping track of each computer’s Network Interface Controller (NIC). It will then record IP address to NIC every time your computer connects the network. Ultimately, all computers have a distinct IP address and this makes your local networking safe.
What is my local ip address?

You have to know that the IP address appointed to your PC on a network is called a local address. Do not confuse Internet IP address from your local IP address. Internet IP address is utilised to identify domains. Again, local IP address is assigned to your PC on a network.

How to find local IP address?

To find your local IP address, it is fairly simple. Here are the steps on finding local IP address on Windows:

1. Go to Start menu then find Run and click on it

2. There will be a box. Type “command” into the box and then click OK

3. You will be directed to a black screen window. Do not fear because you are on the right track. In the window, type “ipconfig” and press Enter using your keyboard.

4. After few seconds, there will be results. Look for the “IP Address” section and there you can find your local IP address. If your computer is linked to a router, this is the IP address that it has assigned to your computer not the ISP or Internet IP address.

5. To close the window, you only need to type “exit and then press Enter using your keyboard.

What if the router doesn’t assign an IP address?

In the event that the router does not assign an IP address, it should be manually configured. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) will assign an IP address.

Always remember that IP address is unique to each computer. This means that no two computers on a specific network should have the same IP address. If you want to know more about IP address and networking, it is crucial that you ask questions. Do not just leave these things to expert.

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Surge Generators: The Safety Buying Guide





These days, there is equipment that ensures safety when it comes to electric use. One of the most used electrical tools is the surge generators. This thing usually has three-phase current designed for short-duration operation under short-circuit conditions. It is a synchronous generator, an air-cooled, two-pole turbine generator. This tool tests high-voltage apparatus for switching capability and thermal and electrodynamics stability. If you are planning to get one for any use, here are the things to consider.

Choosing The Right Generator

When buying a generator, there are things to consider for safety and effective use. The design is the first thing that you will see but make sure the construction is superb. The surge generators are in high electrodynamics stresses for short-circuit conditions. It is best to know the technical aspect of each generator type for safety precautions. Thus, selecting the right generator is vital, here are the tips when buying one.

  • The Right Size. There are many types of generators available in the market on different sizes. Consider the purpose of use before choosing the size. Make sure that you know exactly how can your home handle the electric stresses of each generator. Selecting the right size is vital especially if you are going to connect the generators at home.
  • The Power Supply. Know exactly the ideal generator to buy from a wide range of sizes available. If you have an idea which size fits your home, then, consider its power supply. Each generator comes with a different power supply ranging from 5kW to 50kW. These are the common capacities for home and personal use of generators. For industrial use, from 50kW to over 3 Megawatts, either petrol or diesel driven. Most of the generators are mechanically connected to an electrical generator. It needs engines to get started either using a rope attached to the engine or with a starter motor and a
  • Safety Breaker. When installing generators at home or for industrial use, ensures the safety breakers. It needs to have a proper installation in the building using a suitable switch. Using switch during installation is vital for an overcurrent protection circuit. This will also protect a total load of electrically connected to the breakers.
  • The Suitable Place for Generators. Installing any generator type needs a suitable place for safety purposes. As it uses high voltage, frequency, and phase that might be dangerous when near to flammable areas. You need to place it outside or some vented areas, avoid the installation in an enclosed area. This is due to the noise levels, altitude and running time that is not acceptable indoors.

The installation of surge generators needs a lot of checks for safety purposes. Check if the generator starts automatically or if it needs some mechanism installed. There are some generators starts using a manual start and switch over. Thus, ensure things from its design construction, engine start, up to the volts it needs to load. Remember all the necessary installation process and things needed to avoid trouble.

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Enjoy Mobile Data Packages While Surfing Whatever You Want To Search




Enjoy Mobile Data Packages

The latest craze about data package and internet connection have been alarming these days. In fact, both power and money curled in it. The power to increase the traffic of customers and even promoting services. The money to get and gained from the profit you earned. How was that? Does it sound perfect to you? All mobile packages are curled at How can we enjoy the use of mobile phones if we don’t discover its beneficial use? Many people today rely on the usage of mobile phones. It has been used as a mode of communication for personal and business purposes. The advancement of technology applied to an internet connection makes mobile phones more beneficial.

mobile subscription
Affordable data packets for you

There are a lot of people spend too much just to use the phone. With the use of data packets, people can surf and do whatever they want. They can contact, advertise and acquire potential clients through data packages. Now, have you tried checking your data bills? Do you find it inexpensive? This is the most common problem of many people today. They are charged with expensive rate due to the data packet they are using. So, affordable data packets are now increasing in its popularity. It helps a lot of people lessen their bills. So, instead of using regular data, you can subscribe for an affordable data packet for your advantage. Just take time to check on the affordable data packets offered, and then subscribe. But, you must check out the data packet deal and the features in it.

Reduce monthly expenses through mobile subscription

Good idea that you are looking for the best alternative. Instead of paying expensive phone subscriptions, you can use a mobile subscription. This can be a great alternative to lessen your expenses. Phone subscription has a limitation, but not in a mobile subscription. With a mobile subscription, you can be contented and satisfied with your spending. You are not just enjoying calling family, friends, business matters and work matters but can enjoy data connection as well. Choose what kind of mobile subscription you think that fits your needs and hot the button to order. It depends on which data package you choose. It also depends on which data of the mobile subscription you would pick, as long as it meets your needs, then go for it. There is nothing to worry about the charges because it is all affordable.

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Cheap Mobile Plans with Features




What are the best cheap mobile plans?

There are plenty of mobile plans available in the telecom industry to choose from. Some are pre-paid and few are post-paid plans that are accessible with and without Data plans. Some mobile plans include high-speed mobile hot spots to stream high definition videos with good volume. There are plans that suit all category people from everyday, unlimited, pre-paid and individual, families, seniors and no data plan.

Let’s brief each category with one plan that is best to opt by customers with high quality services.

Everyday Plan: Sprint Unlimited Plus is the best plan of this category that is less expensive and available among four national carriers at individual rate plan.

Unlimited Plan: Boost Mobile is one of the best unlimited plans. This plan includes 12 GB mobile hot spot for streaming HD video up to 480p. It is dollar-for-dollar that provides unlimited calls, text messaging and data for about $50 per month.

Pre-paid Plan: Mint Sim is one of the inexpensive prepaid solutions that work on T-Mobile network such as 4G LTE. It offers unlimited calls, text and data to the user.

Individual Plan: Project Fi is an individual plan that has plenty of highlights and is very cheap. This plan allows you to choose the amount of data which you want to use and the remaining is credited into next month statement. It is accessible on both Sprint and T-Mobile networks with 4G LTE coverage for nationwide.

Families Plan: Cricket Wireless is one of the best family plans that comes in budget and is less expensive. It is subsidy of AT&T that provides unlimited calls, text messages and data. The consumer if travelling overseas can avail international plans along with 8 GB mobile hot spot plan.

Seniors Plan: Consumer Cellar is one of the inexpensive plans that is accessible to seniors to provide peace of mind with unnecessary data and unlimited calls that cross their budget and is a burden on them. This plan is best for seniors when in need of emergency that provides 250MB of data with unlimited text messages.

No Data Plan: Republic wireless provides unlimited calls and text messaging but no data at affordable price of $15 per month. It works on both Sprint and T-Mobile’s network such as 4G LTE. It operates off WiFi calling and boosts when strong signal.


Every individual can purchase a mobile subscription according to their usage. Each above mentioned plan gives them flexibility to use unlimited calls, texts and data which they want. If you lack something then purchase on extra bucks.

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