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A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding IP Addresses



Understanding IP Addresses

If you are just beginning to understand computer network, you should not miss Internet Protocol (IP) address. For a beginner, IP address is complicated and confusing. After all, Information Technology is a complex thing. It is best to leave the computer stuff to experts but it will be good if you know things about it for awareness sake.

Basically, IP address is appointed to every computer on an Ethernet network. It is important because it helps in identifying network computers. As a result, it makes traffic flow between computers easy because each one has its own IP address. The IP address is identifiable because of its format – a sequence of four values separated by periods. The range of the value is from 0 to 255.

Host Configuration Protocol

Here are other things that you need to know about IP addresses:

Who assigns the IP address?

In this case, it is not a who but a what. For your office or home network, the IP address is most likely assigned by a router. The router uses Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP). The router is crucial in keeping track of each computer’s Network Interface Controller (NIC). It will then record IP address to NIC every time your computer connects the network. Ultimately, all computers have a distinct IP address and this makes your local networking safe.
What is my local ip address?

You have to know that the IP address appointed to your PC on a network is called a local address. Do not confuse Internet IP address from your local IP address. Internet IP address is utilised to identify domains. Again, local IP address is assigned to your PC on a network.

How to find local IP address?

To find your local IP address, it is fairly simple. Here are the steps on finding local IP address on Windows:

1. Go to Start menu then find Run and click on it

2. There will be a box. Type “command” into the box and then click OK

3. You will be directed to a black screen window. Do not fear because you are on the right track. In the window, type “ipconfig” and press Enter using your keyboard.

4. After few seconds, there will be results. Look for the “IP Address” section and there you can find your local IP address. If your computer is linked to a router, this is the IP address that it has assigned to your computer not the ISP or Internet IP address.

5. To close the window, you only need to type “exit and then press Enter using your keyboard.

What if the router doesn’t assign an IP address?

In the event that the router does not assign an IP address, it should be manually configured. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) will assign an IP address.

Always remember that IP address is unique to each computer. This means that no two computers on a specific network should have the same IP address. If you want to know more about IP address and networking, it is crucial that you ask questions. Do not just leave these things to expert.

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How To Buy A Good Air Treatment Equipment




Air Treatment Equipment

Air treatment equipment is part of the air the whole air compressing process. As the term implies, it treats air. As you know air isn’t just simply air, it has various organisms, water, oil, and various molecules and particles present in it everytime. An air treatment equipment works by removing such things in the air, leaving only pure air.

This is a very important equipment since its an integral part in ensuring that compressed air stored in a container is pure and not contaminated in any way. Because of the way that it works, it’s important that its reliable because the failure of that equipment can actually cause trouble since the air can potentially be contaminated. If you want to end up with good air treatment equipment, below you can find a few tips.

Doubt very cheap air treatment equipment: When you buy an air treatment equipment, buy from a well-trusted site. These days it won’t come as no surprise if you see really cheap air treatment equipment being sold all over the place. If the price is too low you should doubt the product right there because there might be a substandard product somewhere. Anywhere on that equipment or everything on that equipment can actually be substandard. Unless you’re able to inspect it yourself that the equipment is made well and within industry standards, it should be fine, but if it’s not, might as well pass on it.

cheap air treatment equipment

Be wary about return policy: It’s seldom that you see air treatment equipments to fail, but it can happen, that is the reason why some companies are offering returns policy for their products. Once you buy the item it’s highly advised that you use the equipment right away and put it through its paces. Abuse it if you will and see how long it will last. If it gets broken under the returns covered by the manufacturer, then it would be easy to replace it. It’s better than the equipment be broken now than later and spend more money on it when you can get it free or for cheap while its still under warranty.

If possible go for cash on delivery: If you plan to purchase your air treatment equipment online, buy with the cash on delivery option. This will give you that upper hand in your purchase since you will have a chance to inspect it before you pay for it. Although there are a ton of safer payment methods to choose from and other delivery options that don’t require your presence, it pays to do C.O.D. since you will be able to see the problem and the courier company can act on it right away.

An air treatment equipment works by treating the air, eliminating various molecules and particles that aren’t pure air. This helps ensure that the compressed air that will be used later on isn’t contaminated and the air compressor will work when its supposed to. The equipment is very important that’s why buying the best is necessary.

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Different Types of Desiccant Air Dryers




Desiccant Air Dryers

Desiccant Air Dryer

Throughout the world, Hairdryer is famous for drying wet hair to get instant party looks. But do anyone know what is desiccant air dryer and how do they work?An air dryer is usually used to remove the moist or water content in the compressed air before it reached the component. Well, to discuss air dryer they are a wide range of them readily available in the market according to the usage. In this article, we are going to discuss desiccant air dryer which is used for industrial applications using a special material called desiccant for air purification by drying the compressed air. This material likes water that allows the water to stick onto its surface and once in a while it is also dried to remove the water.

Regenerative Desiccant Air Dryer

What are the different types of desiccant air dryers?

Depending on their application there are different types of air dryers available to choose from. They are as follows:

  1. Refrigerant Air Dryer: It includes both cycling and non-cycling. But possess limited dew point capabilities. They are low with respect to their operating and capital cost, needs less maintenance, are not affected by oil in the air stream and are cost effective. But possess limited dew point capabilities. The non-cycling has minimal dew point swings and operates continuously but don’t save energy partially and has zero air flow. Whereas the cycling has partial energy savings and zero air flow but dew point swings and due to increase in size and weight their accommodation and capital cost also increases.
  2. Regenerative Desiccant Air Dryer: It is available in the form of heatless, heated and heat on the compressor. They absorb water vapor in the air stream. They are made of twin tower construction where one dries the air from the compressor and the other regenerates after the pressure accumulated in the tower is reduced. They are available at moderate cost and come with very low dew points. They are relatively high with respect to capital cost.
  3. Single Tower Air Dryer: It is available in the form of Deliquescent and Desiccant.
  4. Membrane Air Dryer: It is made of a high-quality material that is reliable and energy efficient.


It is advisable to the individuals to research well before purchasing any desiccant air dryer as how efficient they are while working and what are its uses. Depending on the application and usage choose the air dryer that meets your needs along with filtration selection.

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Three Importance of Custom Mobile App Development




enterprise software solutions

The gradual development and advancement in technology really caused a series of changes in the modern world. These remarkable changes also affected all sectors of the world economy, as well as mobile technologies. The mobile application is one of those technological terms that are used mainly and are used regularly in the modern communal world. This term is actually used to describe varieties of functional software that are designed to achieve one objective or another in mobile devices. enterprise software solutions

Mobile application development

The development of mobile applications in a simple description refers to a series of processes that are often used in the development of a mobile application. In this case, there are usually some minor irreplaceable processes that can not be ignored or left behind. Writing software is in fact the most important and concrete aspect of the mobile application development process.

Mobile applications are very relevant and irreplaceable; This is due to the enormous efforts, advantages and advantages of applications in the modern world. Mobile applications are used in virtually all systems and in the industry, regardless of their type, nature and size. We will need a little time to see this importance.

Business Promotion

Did you know that you can make your business and your products easily shown to everyone in a mobile application? This is in fact a very reliable and real factor; Mobile applications are very famous and are known today. Perhaps this is due to the inexplicable expansion of mobile phones and other small computing devices. All you need to do is look for the services of an accredited and experienced application development company or independent professional. delineate the plan for your business and merchant, and that’s it, your mobile application development team knows what to do next.

Promote your skill

On the other hand, you can easily promote your art, your husband or one of those things that you are passionate about. You can be a Graphics Designer that only offers logo design services; This is never a bad idea. You can become famous and famous for a short month if you have a well optimized and developed mobile application that shows your portfolio and a small functionality.

enterprise software solutions

 Mobile shopping

A mobile application and its development also help in electronic commerce. Many people now have started buying their products and products on the Internet, instead of visiting brick and cement shops many times. As the owner of the e-commerce site, you will need the services of Custom App custom mobile app development. Get a highly responsive mobile app for an e-commerce store and promote it through the app store. Here, your customers can easily download and use it constantly at any time, when they really want to buy or buy something on the Internet.

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